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3-Snap Scrotum Ring - Medium

3-Snap Scrotum Ring - Medium
3-Snap Scrotum Ring - Medium

3-Snap Scrotum Ring - Medium

Maximize your orgasmic pleasure with the Silicone Tri-Snap Scrotum Support Ring. The comfortable-to-wear, easy-to-use erection enhancer is designed to extend your pleasure, support stamina, and maintain a rock-hard erection. The super stretchy, fully adjustable cock ring makes a great addition to an erotic toy collection, and is suitable for the first time and experienced usersThe discreet and durable, the medium-sized ring is made from soft, thick, and ultra stretchy phthalate free, unscented silicone, and ensures a comfortable, fully adjustable fit. The tri-snap design features heavy-duty, nickel-free hardware and a sensually smooth, stretchy built-in support ring. Increase the tantalizing tingles and sensations by using a quality lube. Before and after play, clean the support ring with mild soapy water or a toy cleaner spray.

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