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Adv. Butterfly Clitoral Pump

Adv. Butterfly Clitoral Pump
Adv. Butterfly Clitoral Pump

Adv. Butterfly Clitoral Pump

The beautifully designed Advanced Butterfly Clitoral Pump™ offers a real sense of magic in the bedroom. Create a sensuous atmosphere with this luxurious feminine pump and let the 4 intense speeds of vibration take you away to a new erotic high. Featuring a silicone butterfly with 50 intimate ticklers and an easy-to-operate suction pump with quick air release, you will find this unique pump to be one of the best toys to have in your private collection. The feminine pump is made from a body-safe silicone so it will be gentle enough for your intimate areas, and the 50 intimate ticklers inside the suction cup add a soft and sensual dimension to your foreplay or personal playtime. With an easy finger grip pump handle, you will find it extremely easy to create the perfect amount of suction. It requires just 2 AAA batteries for you to get started and can be easily cleaned after use. If you’ve already enjoyed using the starter products from this wonderfully sensuous collection of intimate pumps for women, this is the next step up and a fantastic choice if you’re looking for the ultimate in erotic massage and stimulation. The feminine pump has been designed in a smooth, silicone material with style and elegance in mind; made to look just as good as it feels, this pump can offer amazing feminine arousal, at home in the privacy of your own bedroom or away on a naughty weekend.

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