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10 Function Pure Bendie

10 Function Pure Bendie
10 Function Pure Bendie
The 10 Function Pure Bendie vibe is designed to caress and arouse your most intimate of places. The quiet, ultra-flexible massager has a life-like Pure Skin finish and boasts 10 powerful vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions for your ultimate pleasure. The 10 Function Pure Bendie is with measures 17 cm x 6 cm and features a powerful motor and a memory chip that resumes action on the last function used. The penis-shaped vibe is made from phthalate-free, unscented Pure Skin/TPR and bends and flexes in all directions. The 10 Function Pure Bendie stimulator is ideal for first-time and for experienced users and runs on 3 AAA batteries. The plushy soft vibe has easy-to-use controls, and LED light, located in the durable ABS end cap. Select your preferred orgasmic pace and enjoy the tantalizing sensations and maximized orgasmic fun. Use the waterproof massager for erotic exploration in the shower, bath, or hot tub. To increase pleasure, always use a quality lube with this toy.
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