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Fit Rite Harness

Fit Rite Harness
Fit Rite Harness

Fit Rite Harness

Designed for maximum comfort and unmatched versatility, the Fit-Rite Harness is made with soft nylon and Luv Touch™ materials that prevent chafing and feel great against the skin. The durable 4-way adjustable straps feature an easy-close clip and fit thighs up to 30' (76 cm), while the adjustable waistband fits up to 38' (97 cm). Three metal snaps secure the silicone O-rings and hold everything in place even when the action heats up. For use with most of our King Cock dildos, the three included silicone O-rings allow you to interchange a range of dildos with a diameter up to 2' (5 cm). 

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