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Booty Call Booty Double Dare

Booty Call Booty Double Dare
Booty Call Booty Double Dare

Booty Call Booty Double Dare

Do you dare to have double the fun? We double dare you to try the Booty Call Booty Double Dare™ probe and stimulator, complete with beads for extra fun and excitement. This stylish multi-purpose toy is a versatile hybrid of pleasure-giving stimulators that can be used together or individually. Suitable to use on yourself during your alone time or just as great to share with a partner, the kit brings together a 3.25” long and 1” wide pleasure probe, a set of 8” long and 0.75” wide beads with graduating sizes, and a 2” long and 1” wide vibrating stimulator with multiple speed options. All sensual stimulators can be used together for maximum massage and stimulation, or each element can be used on its own to give you complete flexibility and versatility with each session. The sleek silicone probe is a great starter size and is suitable for first-timers, the graduating beads offer a comfortable progression that will help you relax right into it, and the multi-speed vibrating fits nicely into the handle while giving you full control of speeds from an easy to use side dial. Joining forces, the selection can give you three times the fun. Made with premium silicone and designer silver plated accents, the set is both stylish and safe to use anywhere on the body. We highly recommend using our Universal Lube™ or a silicone-compatible lubricant to enhance your experience. Requires 2 AAA batteries to operate.

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