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Bendie Stud Over & Under

Bendie Stud Over & Under
Bendie Stud Over & Under

Bendie Stud Over & Under

The Bendie™ Power Stud™ - Over & Under™ is a soft, power-packed stud that flexes and bends for multi-directional positioning. Featuring 3 intense speeds and exciting dual motors, our flexible vibrator has easy push-button control for the ultimate simplicity in sensual excitement. Both sexy and safe, the dual penetrating vibrator features a phthalate-free PVC material, ABS and ABS with PU Cote cap, and ABS with silver plating decor. Enjoy yourself completely with confidence and ease. The maintenance-free and super-stimulating double penetrator lets you experience the ultimate sensual adventure whether you’re going solo or sharing the pleasure with a partner. This durable, high-quality power stud will let you find all the passion you crave, and satisfy every desire. Its superior quality offers the ultimate in excitement, providing everything you need to get exactly what you want. For peak stimulation and fun, enjoy our bendable dual penetrating vibrator. It’s positioned to please!

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