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10 Inch Classic Dong

10 Inch Classic Dong
10 Inch Classic Dong

10 Inch Classic Dong

  • GREAT SIZE FOR BEGINNER TO ADVANCED PLAYERS: Total Length = 9.8 in., Insertable Length = 9.8 in., Width = 1.7 in., Girth = 5.34 in
  • Modest width and textured veins make this toy perfect for those that want a satisfying fullness deep inside, we recommend that you use with a liberal amount of water-based lube
  • Our Firm-yet-Flexible traditional PVC which makes this toy less abrasive when it is vigorously slid in and out, this toy will also adjust with the contours of your body which allows you to take it deep
  • Made of body-safe, latex-free, non-phthalate PVC and it's Proudly Made In America, we think that being "Made In America" is a big deal and you should too, after all, you are planning on inserting this into your body or the body of your loved one(s)
  • Clean with soap and warm water before and after each use, the slightly rubbery odor will dissipate over time, store separately from other toys
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